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Making international payments to and from France?

When you're buying a car you always aim to choose the best option available, and it's no different when you need to choose the best way to transfer your money between different countries. This is why we at Delamarche recommend using Moneycorp. Moneycorp is a company that prides itself on the security of its customers' money and reinforces this by attention to detail and ensuring that it complies fully with both French and UK law. Also it has a brilliant credit reference rating - 4A1 - something that only a few forex companies can boast. And that's why we're happy to recommend Moneycorp.

Whether you are buying or selling a property and need to transfer a large sum, or whether you need t end over regular payments, for example for a mortgage payment, Moneycorp will be able to help you. We invite you to study the chart below to see how much money you will save when using Moneycorp's services.

The bottom line is the money you save if you buy your foreign exchange through Moneycorp rather than a high street bank. Just look at this chart to see how much you could save - it's eye-watering amounts!

Exchange Rates Comparison GBP converted into EUROS
or why NOT to use a bank!

Traditionally it's been thought that if you need to transfer money you just ask your bank to make the transfer, of course they'll be delighted to, but you will be surprised by what an expensive way of transferring money that is, and also not usually the fastest of methods. These days it makes sense to use the services of a company that specializes in foreign currency transfers. ..... they're quicker, cheaper and far easier to use. Moneycorp has been offering these services since 1979, and has established itself as the market leader, so you need have no worries about the service they provide. They can transfer all the available currencies worldwide, not just euros, dollars and pounds.

Do you .....
• Have a house or property abroad, in any country? or
• Live abroad part of the year? or
• Have a bank account abroad? or
• Have a import or export business? or
• Import or export goods for your business? or
• Receive a pension or other regular payments from abroad?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions we should be able to help you save money on your international transfers and provide you with a top-draw service. To sign up for this free service please hit oneof the three links below for the type of account that is most suitable for you:

Private client - this is for you if you are perhaps buying or selling a house or working abroad
Referring partner - this is for you if you would be referring clients to Moneycorp, for example estate agents
Commercial client - this is for you if you run a business that needs to work internationally and between different currencies

If you aren't sure which type account is right for you, or want to talk over the options available and how Moneycorp's services work please do contact us, we'd be delighted to help.

Tel:  FR 06 19 17 34 61

Tel:  UK 01273 700 911